Sasbadi Sdn Bhd is a well-established company dealing with education. We have been a progressive publisher in Malaysia for the last 22 years. We are also the authorized and exclusive partner of LEGO Education (school products only) for the territory of Malaysia (
Introduction<br><br> Every year, for the past 20 years, Sasbadi has published millions of books and educational aids for the school- going children of Malaysia. From elite smart schooks in the cities to simple schools in the kampungs, Sasbadi has become an essential guide for students and teachers on their journey towards knowledge. In our mission to broaden minds, we have created a new imprint committed to the study of literature, art and culture. Through our partnership with LEGO, we are bringing the wonders of robotic science into schools. And with the development of our first electronic dictionary, we are giving new generations a whole new learing tool ...<br><br> Our Vision & Mission<br><br> Our values define us. They are our guiding lights and our moral compass as we journey into the future.<br><br> Excellence & Innovation - Quality is top priority at Sasbadi. From conception to the finished product, we constantly strive for excellence and innovation.<br> Integrity - Integrity is the backbone of Sasbadi. It is the foundation for all our dealings with our people, our customers and our partners.<br> Corporate Citizenship - Sasbadi is highly aware of its social responsibilities. Its activities and ventures are geared to meet the needs of the community.<br> Partnership - No man is an island and no company can succeed by itself. Sasbadi believes in building equal and mutually beneficial partnerships with those we business with.<br><br> Our Leadership<br><br> In 1985, three friends sharing the same values decided to work together towards a single goal- to provide quality books and educational aids for Malaysian students. The success of Sasbadi lies in this relationship that endures to this day.<br> A company is only as strong as its leaders. At Sasbadi, we are fortunate to have three. Togethter, Law King Hui, John S.H. Lee and Lee Eng Sang bring more than 80 years of combined publishing experience and expertise to the company.<br> They also brought along a way to doing business based on friendship, loyalty and responsibility to each other and the people they work with. By building these values into the company they founded, they laid the foundation for Sasbadi's success today.<br> Today, our three founders are still at the helm of Sasbadi, providing hands-on leadership and remaining very much involved in the day-to-day operations. Likewise, a majority of our people who have been with Sasbadi for more than 10 years have taken up senior positions.<br><br> Our Bookds<br><br> A book isn't merely a book ... Months of planning and research go into every single Sasbadi book before it arrivers at the bookshop.<br> Every book published by Sasbadi undergoes a meticulous process of preparation and evaluation. It begins at the editorial stage where our editors painstakingly go through the current national education syllabus, prescribed texts, previous year's examination papers and feedback from our readers. This attention is exercised over content writing, editing, illustration and design. We believe this is the only way to ensure our books meet all our reader's needs.<br> Accuracy of information is Sasbadi's priority. Changes made to the national education syllabus are constantly incorporated in our publications. In fact, we update our books every year.<br> Every Sasbadi book you pick up from the bookshelf is the most up-to-date and best researched book you can find.
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